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New translations en.json (Catalan)
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--- a/i18n/ca.json
+++ b/i18n/ca.json
@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@
"%s requires php %s or above to work. Sorry.": "%s requereix php %s o superior per funcionar. Ho sento.",
"%s requires configuration section [%s] to be present in configuration file.": "%s requereix que la secció de configuració [%s] sigui present al fitxer de configuració.",
"Please wait %d seconds between each post.": [
- "Espereu %d segon entre cada entrada. (singular)",
- "Espereu %d segons entre cada entrada. (1r plural)",
- "Espereu %d segons entre cada entrada. (2n plural)",
- "Please wait %d seconds between each post. (3er plural)"
+ "Espereu %d segon entre cada entrada.",
+ "Espereu %d segons entre cada entrada.",
+ "Please wait %d seconds between each post. (2nd plural)",
+ "Please wait %d seconds between each post. (3rd plural)"
"Paste is limited to %s of encrypted data.": "L'enganxat està limitat a %s de dades encriptades.",
"Invalid data.": "Dades no vàlides.",
@@ -35,20 +35,20 @@
"Discussion": "Discussió",
"Toggle navigation": "Alternar navegació",
"%d seconds": [
- "%d segon (singular)",
- "%d segons (1r plural)",
- "%d segons (2n plural)",
- "%d segons (3r plural)"
+ "%d segon",
+ "%d segons",
+ "%d seconds (2nd plural)",
+ "%d seconds (3rd plural)"
"%d minutes": [
- "%d minut (singular)",
- "%d minuts (1r plural)",
- "%d minuts (2n plural)",
- "%d minuts (3r plural)"
+ "%d minut",
+ "%d minuts",
+ "%d minutes (2nd plural)",
+ "%d minutes (3rd plural)"
"%d hours": [
"%d hour (singular)",
- "%d hours (1st plural)",
+ "%d hores",
"%d hours (2nd plural)",
"%d hours (3rd plural)"