BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ECC-INTEGRATION-1-5Add ChangeLog Entry for Andrey's changes.Werner Koch11 years
LIBGCRYPT-1-2-BRANCHCollected fixes.Werner Koch15 years
LIBGCRYPT-1-4-BRANCH* configure.ac: Support a git_revision.Werner Koch11 years
LIBGCRYPT-1-5-BRANCHPost release updatesWerner Koch6 years
LIBGCRYPT-1-6-BRANCHPost release updatesWerner Koch6 years
LIBGCRYPT-1-7-BRANCHPost release updates.Werner Koch4 years
LIBGCRYPT-1.10-BRANCHhwf-ppc: fix missing HWF_PPC_ARCH_3_10 in HW featureJussi Kivilinna8 weeks
LIBGCRYPT-1.8-BRANCHrandom:drbg: Fix the behavior for child process.NIIBE Yutaka8 weeks
LIBGCRYPT-1.9-BRANCHdoc: Fix NEWS entry to refer CVE-2021-40528.NIIBE Yutaka7 months
LIBGCRYPT-2.0-MOcompat/ChangeLog:Moritz Schulte17 years
OS2-BRANCHAdd curve aliases from RFC-5656.Werner Koch10 years
STABLE-BRANCH-1-0See ChangeLog: Sat Oct 9 20:34:41 CEST 1999 Werner KochWerner Koch23 years
cipher-amd64-optimizationsCheck if assembler is compatible with AMD64 assembly implementationsJussi Kivilinna9 years
cipher-s390x-optimizationsAdd s390x/zSeries implementation of Poly1305Jussi Kivilinna17 months
compliant-ecc-keygenGenerate ECC keys Q=(x,y) as compliant keys, enabling their compact represent...Andrey9 years
dkg/ecc-debug-cleanupecc: adjust debugging outputDaniel Kahn Gillmor3 years
dkg/fix-T3894random: use getrandom() on Linux where availableDaniel Kahn Gillmor4 years
ePit-1-0This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ePit-1-0'.Repo Admin23 years
gniibe-T3358ecc: Fix ec_mulm_25519.NIIBE Yutaka5 years
gniibe-curve25519Add FIXME marks.NIIBE Yutaka8 years
gniibe-mpi-pow-2017-06Same computation for square and multiply.NIIBE Yutaka5 years
gniibe/4293ecc: X448 also work on 32-bit machine.NIIBE Yutaka3 years
gniibe/cmac-selftestChange the use of check_one (same name as hmac).NIIBE Yutaka16 months
gniibe/const-invmconstant-time-invm: Calculate k^-1 before dsa_modify_k.NIIBE Yutaka2 years
gniibe/fips-from-redhatApply libgcrypt-1.8.5-kdf-selftest.patchNIIBE Yutaka18 months
gniibe/jitterentUse jent_read_entropy_safe for rndjent.NIIBE Yutaka6 months
gniibe/new-pk-apiexperiment: Fix t-ecdsa.c for building SEXP.NIIBE Yutaka6 months
gniibe/t5797kdf: Support ARGON2I and ARGON2ID.NIIBE Yutaka4 months
gniibe/x448ecc: Don't need to remove 0x40 for SAFECURVE.NIIBE Yutaka3 years
http-to-httpsuse https instead of cleartext http where possibleDaniel Kahn Gillmor3 years
justus/fix-error-handlingcipher: Fix error handling.Justus Winter7 years
masterbuild: Fix make dist after socklen.m4 removalClemens Lang6 weeks
moUpdated from HEADMoritz Schulte17 years
padlock-testNew branch vor VIA padlock tests.Werner Koch14 years
ueno-pssFixed leading zero problems in PSS and OAEP.Werner Koch11 years