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* Release 1.9.0libgcrypt-1.9.0Werner Koch2021-01-196-19/+24
* Merge branch 'master' into LIBGCRYPT-1.9-BRANCHWerner Koch2021-01-185-2/+521
| * kdf: Add selftest.NIIBE Yutaka2021-01-153-1/+224
| * cmac: Add selftest.NIIBE Yutaka2021-01-132-1/+291
| * sexp: Raise an error when an integer is negative with USG.NIIBE Yutaka2021-01-131-0/+6
* | doc: Add NEWS items for 1.9.0Werner Koch2021-01-181-11/+95
* | ecc: Change an error code of gcry_ecc_mul_point.Werner Koch2021-01-184-18/+54
* | doc: Add NEWS from the latest 1.8 releasesWerner Koch2021-01-121-0/+35
* ecc: Add backward compatibility support for Ed25519 key in SEXP.NIIBE Yutaka2021-01-081-2/+35
* ecc: Minor implementation change for _gcry_ecc_get_curve.NIIBE Yutaka2021-01-081-32/+32
* doc: Add missing OIDs to the list of supported curvesWerner Koch2021-01-071-8/+64
* hwf-arm: fix incorrect HWCAP2 for SHA1 and SHA2 on AArch32Jussi Kivilinna2020-12-221-2/+2
* Add missing prototype for _gcry_mac_selftestJussi Kivilinna2020-12-221-2/+2
* Merge hmac-tests.c into mac-hmac.c.NIIBE Yutaka2020-12-213-1164/+1056
* aarch64: mpi/longlong.h: fix operand size mismatchJussi Kivilinna2020-12-181-3/+7
* aarch64: use configure check for assembly ELF directives supportJussi Kivilinna2020-12-182-1/+21
* Reorganize self-tests for HMAC.NIIBE Yutaka2020-12-1810-18/+94
* Prevent link-time optimization from inlining __gcry_burn_stackJussi Kivilinna2020-12-032-1/+7
* tests/basic: check 32-bit and 64-bit overflow for CTR and ChaCha20Jussi Kivilinna2020-12-031-0/+232
* chacha20-ppc: fix 32-bit counter overflow handlingJussi Kivilinna2020-12-031-6/+27
* tests: Put a work around to tests/random for macOS.NIIBE Yutaka2020-12-032-0/+62
* build: Update to newer autoconf constructs.NIIBE Yutaka2020-11-188-176/+136
* build: Use modern Autoconf check for type.NIIBE Yutaka2020-11-184-22/+19
* m4: Update with newer autoconf constructs.NIIBE Yutaka2020-11-181-3/+3
* ecc: Handle removed zeros at the beginning for Ed25519.NIIBE Yutaka2020-10-301-5/+30
* random: Allow for a Unicode random seed file on Windows.Werner Koch2020-10-231-7/+89
* tests: Fix typo in commentTianjia Zhang2020-10-011-2/+2
* rijndael: clean-up prepare_decryption functionJussi Kivilinna2020-09-273-84/+59
* rijndael: clean-up generic bulk functionsJussi Kivilinna2020-09-271-424/+118
* cipher: setup bulk functions at each algorithms key setupJussi Kivilinna2020-09-2721-490/+392
* rijndael: tidy do_setkey little bitJussi Kivilinna2020-09-211-18/+8
* rijndael-aesni: tweak x86_64 AES-NI for better performance on AMD Zen2Jussi Kivilinna2020-09-181-130/+183
* build: Allow customization of the signing keyWerner Koch2020-08-261-11/+23
* tests: Fix basic.c.NIIBE Yutaka2020-08-211-6/+7
* ecc: Fix an error path.NIIBE Yutaka2020-08-211-2/+5
* chacha20-aarch64: improve performance through higher SIMD interleavingJussi Kivilinna2020-07-231-49/+81
* tests/bench-slope: improve CPU frequency auto-detectionJussi Kivilinna2020-07-232-10/+58
* Enable jitter entropy also on non-x86 architecturesJussi Kivilinna2020-07-231-1/+0
* random/jitterentropy: fix USE_JENT == JENT_USES_GETTIME code pathJussi Kivilinna2020-07-231-2/+2
* Camellia AES-NI/AVX/AVX2 size optimizationJussi Kivilinna2020-07-232-165/+106
* ecc: Support reading EC point in compressed format for good curves.NIIBE Yutaka2020-07-147-40/+102
* mpi: Consider +0 and -0 the same in mpi_cmp.Werner Koch2020-07-062-2/+5
* ecc: Fix length computation.NIIBE Yutaka2020-06-231-1/+4
* Add SM4 x86-64/AES-NI/AVX2 implementationJussi Kivilinna2020-06-204-2/+1038
* Add SM4 x86-64/AES-NI/AVX implementationJussi Kivilinna2020-06-204-1/+1235
* Optimizations for SM4 cipherJussi Kivilinna2020-06-204-88/+648
* ecc: For Ed448, it's only for EdDSA.NIIBE Yutaka2020-06-182-8/+30
* ecc: Fix the condition for EdDSA data handling.NIIBE Yutaka2020-06-181-4/+4
* ecc: Support EdDSA with context and enabling PH(M).NIIBE Yutaka2020-06-183-61/+275
* ecc: Change EdDSA internal API.NIIBE Yutaka2020-06-183-15/+17