BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.9-mapAddrsToKeyschmod 644 for png filesNico Josuttis7 years
AutoSendEncryptedfinal fixes before merging AutoSendEncrypted branch into the masterNico Josuttis8 years
ForceSignEncadd button to jumb from account settings to global settingsNico Josuttis8 years
WizardFixesremove some of the old stuffNico Josuttis8 years
autocrypt-startupRemove testHelper.Khushil Mistry4 years
bugfix-300don't auto select keys for encryption that are not available to encrypt (bug ...Nico Josuttis8 years
enigmail-0-49-branchVersion 0.49.5: fixes problem with Compose and Reply operations not working p...saravn20 years
enigmail-0-65-0-branch-for-mozilla-trunkVersion 0.65.4 for moz 1.2asaravn20 years
enigmail-0-76-1-branch-for-thunderbirddon't load enigmailCommon.js (twice in same context)patrick18 years
enigmail-0-86-2-branchchanged compatibility for tb 0.9patrick18 years
enigmail-0-89-6-branchenhanced and fixed workaround for GnuPG 1.4 file renaming bugpatrick17 years
enigmail-0-92-1-branchenigmail v0.92.1 (security release)patrick17 years
enigmail-0-94-2-branchbumped version to v0.94.4patrick15 years
enigmail-0-95-branchnew creditspatrick14 years
enigmail-0-96-branchfixed issues with exporting multiple keys andpatrick13 years
enigmail-1-0-branchadded nl-NLpatrick12 years
enigmail-1-1-branchupdated translation by Thibault Lemaitrepatrick11 years
enigmail-1-2-branchconverted file from latin1 to UTF-8patrick11 years
enigmail-1-5-2-branchadapted version numbersPatrick Brunschwig9 years
enigmail-1-7-branchfix missing status reprocessing when switching identities (bug #375)Nico Josuttis7 years
enigmail-1.8-branchfixed typoPatrick Brunschwig7 years
enigmail-1.9-branchsupport gpg4win 2.x and 3.xPatrick Brunschwig4 years
enigmail-2.0-branchupdated versionto 2.0.12Patrick Brunschwig3 years
enigmail-2.1-branchdestFolder is string nor objectPatrick Brunschwig17 months
enigmail-2.2-branchupdated translations from TransifexPatrick Brunschwig13 months
enigmail-3.0-branchdon't try to set ownertrust for OpenPGP.js APIPatrick Brunschwig2 months
enigmail-pbxfix for Postbox Theme errorPatrick Brunschwig3 years
filter-v2completed re-implementation of new persistent decryption/encryptionPatrick Brunschwig3 years
gitlab-ci-testspeed up tests by replacing key generation with importing a keyPatrick Brunschwig4 years
keyserver-access-rewritecompleted re-write of keyserver accessPatrick Brunschwig4 years
masterhandeBackupMessage:Patrick Brunschwig2 months
new-keymanagermore work on key detailsPatrick Brunschwig7 years
nico-towardsObjectsAsAddressesstep 2 toward email/keys objectsNico Josuttis7 years
openpgpjs-5.0fixed evaluation of expiry datePatrick Brunschwig6 months
pEp-Developmentadded decryption of messages with pEpPatrick Brunschwig6 years
python3use new plpp.pl instead of Preprocessor.py for CPP-like preprocessingPatrick Brunschwig3 years
tb-67-preparationmade code compatible with TB 60 and 67Patrick Brunschwig3 years