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* updated versionto 2.0.12enigmail-2.0.12enigmail-2.0-branchPatrick Brunschwig2019-07-063-9/+9
* set default keyserver to keys.openpgp.orgPatrick Brunschwig2019-07-062-2/+20
* non-functional adaptations for eslint 6.0Patrick Brunschwig2019-06-239-180/+123
* implemented a check for the message structurePatrick Brunschwig2019-06-091-12/+38
* removed pre-1.0 conversion of settingsPatrick Brunschwig2019-06-081-28/+3
* don't decrypt/verify quoted inline-PGP anymorePatrick Brunschwig2019-06-082-127/+109
* Updated Russian Locale from TransifexPatrick Brunschwig2019-06-022-575/+556
* Merge branch 'minimize-legacy-display' into 'enigmail-2.0-branch'Patrick Brunschwig2019-06-011-13/+1
| * protected headers: only put Subject in the legacy-display partDaniel Kahn Gillmor2019-05-301-13/+1
* adapted version compatibility for "show-only"Patrick Brunschwig2019-05-242-3/+3
* Merge branch 'import-show' into 'enigmail-2.0-branch'Patrick Brunschwig2019-05-241-3/+4
| * Use the older "import-show" with "--dry-run" instead of "show-only"Daniel Kahn Gillmor2019-05-231-2/+2
| * Properly document the objects returned by getKeyListFromKeyBlockDaniel Kahn Gillmor2019-05-231-1/+2
* preparation of 2.0.11 releaseenigmail-2.0.11Patrick Brunschwig2019-05-193-9/+9
* implemented "advanced" method of WKD spec, draft 03Patrick Brunschwig2019-05-191-45/+39
* adopted WKD lookup to draft 08Patrick Brunschwig2019-05-191-1/+1
* support importing ECC keys (requires GnuPG 2.2.0 or newer)Patrick Brunschwig2019-05-162-57/+147
* made non-async function not asyncPatrick Brunschwig2019-05-121-1/+1
* fixed eslint errorPatrick Brunschwig2019-05-111-2/+2
* un-expire the key used for testingPatrick Brunschwig2019-05-115-285/+283
* fetch API in TB 60 is not yet stable -> reverted to XmlHttpRequestPatrick Brunschwig2019-05-111-52/+44
* bumped version to 2.0.11b1Patrick Brunschwig2019-05-081-1/+1
* inline-PGP: don't display any unencryped or unsigned part that is above thePatrick Brunschwig2019-05-043-21/+8
* fixed bug 983: inline-PGP: make sure that the decrypted or verified message partPatrick Brunschwig2019-05-031-22/+15
* fixed locale bugPatrick Brunschwig2019-03-281-3/+3
* updates from Transifexenigmail-2.0.10Patrick Brunschwig2019-03-241-15/+15
* Merge branch 'distinct-gnupghomedirs' into 'enigmail-2.0-branch'Patrick Brunschwig2019-03-242-3/+7
| * Use distinct GnuPG homedirs for each testDaniel Kahn Gillmor2018-10-052-3/+7
* | re-initialize if window.openpgp is not definedPatrick Brunschwig2019-03-241-3/+3
* | fixed error that prevents the wizard from going forward to the last stepPatrick Brunschwig2019-03-071-110/+64
* | preparation for v2.0.10Patrick Brunschwig2019-02-163-9/+9
* | hide autocrypt-per-recipient rules from userPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-161-15/+23
* | adde missing help filesPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-1014-0/+828
* | added new translations from TransifexPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-107-1/+3349
* | updated translations from TransifexPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-1058-2054/+2133
* | updated language list; renamed nb-NO to nb, and sv-SE to svPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-1019-2/+5
* | use "..." as default subject for protected messagesPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-101-1/+1
* | Merge branch 'enigmail-2.0-branch' of https://gitlab.com/enigmail/enigmail in...Patrick Brunschwig2019-02-084-13/+17
|\ \
| * | don't fail if no persons definedPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-051-0/+6
| * | enable encryption for replies to S/MIME encrypted messagesPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-031-0/+6
| * | fixed number picker on TB 60Patrick Brunschwig2019-01-292-13/+5
* | | fixed bug 955: HTML text in Key Revocation dialogPatrick Brunschwig2019-02-081-1/+1
|/ /
* | provide a meaningful error message in case pinentry-curses is usedPatrick Brunschwig2019-01-251-0/+8
* | make key ID field wider, such that the compete fingerprint is readablePatrick Brunschwig2019-01-211-1/+2
* | backported commit 274634872ba6e51d8c11bfda758ea20a44ee1580:Patrick Brunschwig2019-01-202-357/+204
* | ensure that "Details" button is visible with dark themesPatrick Brunschwig2019-01-071-3/+3
* | don't fail if uriSpec is nullPatrick Brunschwig2019-01-061-1/+1
* | ensure that focus does not change by modifying the attachmentsPatrick Brunschwig2019-01-061-0/+2
* | removed "no passphrase" checkbox (which is obsolete since v2.0)Patrick Brunschwig2019-01-062-10/+1
* | fixed importing of photo IDs (bug 924)Patrick Brunschwig2019-01-061-2/+0